Museum Graz Tramway – Learn About Graz’s Tramways

Written on September 22, 2020   By   in Blogging

The Museum Graz Tramway museum is an outdoor transport museum situated in the Austrian town of Graz, featuring the history of the German tramways network in Graz. It is located at the former tram station at the Mariatroste terminus of the tramway line 1 in Graz. This museum also has a museum shop, a visitor centre, an exhibition area and a history museum.

Graz’s railway history goes back many years and as a result many different trams and railways were used during this time. Tramways were built during World War I and it was believed that the Germans used these trains to attack British and French troops during World War II. Although not totally confirmed this fact has led to an increasing interest in Graz’s rail history today.

The railway station in Graz dates back to the early 1920s and as a result many trains and vehicles can still be seen inside the railway station. The station can also be visited by public if you prefer to walk or cycle around the area. This station is open all year round and takes passengers throughout the city. The railway line is closed when it rains.

The Graz Railway Museum is one of only two railway museums in Austria and one of only one in Europe. The other museums in Austria are based in Munich and Vienna and both feature trams. If you are a tram enthusiast then you may want to visit these museums in order to see a tram in operation. If you do not have any experience of this type of travel, you will likely find the tours extremely informative. The Museum Graz Tramway also features a tram ride, which is also an impressive historical experience.

In addition to the railway museum, the Museum Graz Tramway also includes a tramway ride which is one of the largest and most exciting tours of Graz. The tram tour takes tourists on a journey through the main streets of Graz with a variety of different routes to take you through the different parts of the city. The tram is covered in vintage signage which gives visitors an opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Graz.

The museum also houses a restored tram that offers tourists an opportunity to see a restored Graz railway depot and the tramway itself. The tramway is operated by trained operators who have experience with this type of service. You can choose to travel from one of the four stations or take a short break to see the rest of the city.